Does retweeting equal endorsement?

The ACT Minister for Education Joy Burch is in the news today for retweeting material which insults Christopher Pyne. In fact, the post that Burch retweeted includes a description of her federal counterpart as a C-word. Pretty strong stuff from the twitter account of a politician. And it’s caused a pretty strong reaction too. MyContinue reading “Does retweeting equal endorsement?”

Why Chris Bowen’s National Press Gallery address left me wanting

One of the great things about being on my Christmas holidays is all the lazing around on the couch I get to do. I was doing this earlier today, half watching ABC News 24, half faffing about on my laptop and eating a huge bowl of cereal when the intro to a session of theContinue reading “Why Chris Bowen’s National Press Gallery address left me wanting”

Ian Rankin on light rail

I just discovered a recording from 2012 of an interview with Scottish crime author Ian Rankin at the Melbourne Crime and Justice Festival. The audio clip was sent to me by someone who’s aware of my interest in public transport policy, especially the controversial NSW Government plans to replace the heavy rail line with light railContinue reading “Ian Rankin on light rail”

Russell Brand’s View of Politics is Naive

I like Russell Brand and I can understand why a lot of people are sharing the video of his recent interview with Jeremy Paxman on BBC Newsnight. He’s voicing a feeling of alienation from the political process in his country that I’ve heard a lot of my friends express in regards to politics in thisContinue reading “Russell Brand’s View of Politics is Naive”