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In my roles as a Copywriter, SEO Strategist and Account Manager at Redback Solutions I developed a range of content types across multiple channels to meet varied organisational objectives and audience needs.

A good example of this work is my consultancy with brake controller manufacturer Elecbrakes.


When I began working with Elecbrakes in early 2019 they had just launched their first website as a startup in the towing accessories industry.

They had an innovative product that was meeting an existing need (brake control for trailers with electric brakes) in a new way (using a wireless controller that didn’t need to be hardwired into tow vehicles). Here’s a blog article I wrote that outlines the benefits of Elecbrakes compared to the traditional market offering.

The organisation had the same core objective as any commercial entity – to increase brand awareness and generate leads.

But as a startup, Elecbrakes also needed to overcome the hurdle of customer education. 

Their audience understood the traditional solution of hardwired electric brake controllers and was suspicious of a wireless alternative due to misconceptions about the technology and a lack of brand authority.

I carried out research of the audience through online, industry-specific forums and collated a list of audience concerns. 

In consultation with Elecbrakes’ lead engineer, I pinpointed the most fundamental of these concerns (how the unit could be powered and function safely without tow vehicle wiring) and wrote an article that explained the science behind this innovation.

That article – Can Standard Trailer Wiring Power Electric Brakes? – is now the 5th highest performing organic landing page on the site and the highest-ranked blog post.

I also carried out on-page and technical SEO optimisation, audience cluster-specific targetted content (e.g. Elecbrakes for Horse Floats) as well as project management and strategic implementation of video and animation production.

The result of this content development and production management has been an exponential growth in the brand’s market share. Elecbrakes has grown from a complete newcomer to a market leader in the last year and a half, overtaking long term competitor Redarc who had monopolised the industry segment for over 40 years.

As well as my work with commercial clients during my time at Redback, I’ve also provided freelance media and reputation enhancement support to a number of organisations over the years. A strong example of this was during my time as a consultant for the commercialisation consultancy Gemaker.


Gemaker client Stormseal had developed an innovative alternative to tarps for use on damaged roofs in the wake of disastrous weather events.

In the aftermath of a mega-storm that devastated parts of Western Sydney in 2017, Stormseal offered residents free use of its product as a means to increase brand visibility.

I drove to Kellyville and photographed the houses that had been protected from follow up rain and wind damage by their Stormseal installations. I also recorded the ongoing damage that had been experienced by those homeowners who used standard tarp coverings. I interviewed some of the residents and learned about the psychological trauma caused by the fear of these tarps blowing away in the middle of the night, leaving their broken roofs open to the elements.

I used these interviews and photos as the basis for a media release, which I then pitched for several weeks to local and national news outlets. This culminated in the Daily Telegraph running a story featuring Stormseal and their role in protecting residents in the aftermath of the storms.

Other notable examples of my communication work include my role creating EDM communications for SingularityU in the lead up to the 2019 SingularityU Australia Summit, writing speeches and supporting constituent engagement for the Member of Parliament for Wallsend Sonia Hornery from 2012 – 2015, as a contributor to the media team for Tim Crakanthorp’s preselection and by-election campaigns in 2014 and working in the Media Team at the University of Newcastle in 2015.

Effective and innovative digital campaigns

In my role at Redback Solutions, I regularly plan and help implement paid social media and Google Ads campaigns. This includes demographic analytics, messaging strategy, project management, conversion tracking using GA/GTM and Facebook Pixels, graphic design as well as media production (I’m a photographer myself, sometimes carrying doing my own photoshoots for clients but also have experience working with external production companies such as Sawtooth Studios for video production). One example of this is the ongoing Google Ads and social campaigns for Songbird Homes.

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